Mision, vision and Values



Contributing to the growth and development of our city of Santo Domingo through quality and good service in our hotels and promote new initiatives through the most relevant technologies in the territory of Santo Domingo (culture, arts and heritage) delighting the tourists to see the beauty and riches that houses the Dominican Republic especially Santo Domingo.


Provide appropriate information to arrive at the Dominican Republic and ensure a pleasant stay in the city of Santo Domingo. Our interest is to work with our Ministry of Tourism in the development of tourism in Santo Domingo.


Innovation: We believe in change, that is why we seek to provide the best tools for our users to get to us and see what we really want through modern and effective alternatives.

Responsibility: Our commitment to serve, defend, develop the interests and welfare of the hotel industry in the National District.

Work: Teamwork is the biggest effort we reference in the search for new initiatives for the development of the association and those who comprise it.

Quality: We seek to improve the training and preparation of those who are confident that together we achieve more.

Work: Teamwork is the key to our success and our biggest booster for searching new initiatives for the development of this work.