The Dominican Republic is located in the eastern part of the island the Spanish in the Caribbean Sea, and is the second largest island of the Greater Antilles. It belongs to Central America and the Caribbean. Preceded by Cuba this island is shared with Haiti (West), from which the territory of the Dominican Republic occupies two thirds of the total area, with a total area of 48,730 km ², which 48,380 km ² is land and 350 km ² are water.

The Dominican Republic is bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean along 586 km south to the Caribbean Sea for a distance of 545 km to the west with Haiti 276 km of border and east by the Mona Passage, separating of the island of Puerto Rico. Occupies 74% of the Espaniola Island, which is share with Haiti.

The country has three major mountain ranges: the Cordillera Central, which rises in Haiti, through all the central and dies in the south (San Cristobal), in this mountain range is located the highest peak in the Antilles, Pico Duarte (3,087 m), the Northern Range, which runs parallel to the Central Cibao Valley separating the Atlantic Coastal Plain, with the peak Diego de Ocampo of the highest elevations, and the Cordillera Oriental, the shortest and the lowest of the three, on the east side of the island. Other significant mountain ranges are saws Neyba Bahoruco and in the Southwest. You can say that geography is composed of rugged mountains and fertile valleys interspersed. The country's lowest point is Lake Enriquillo, about 46 m below sea level.

Water Territory Total
350 km² 48,380 km² 48,730 km²
geographical coordinates 19º00'N,70º40'W